My story – and the story of Bokeh Art

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My name is Nataliya Bilyushova, founder of Bokeh Art. If you are interested in knowing why I started the company, read my short personal story below. To learn more about our offerings, please have a look at the next section of this page.

Nataliya Bilyushova

I was 15 when I discovered my passion for photography. On a clear winter morning I gazed out from the backseat of our family car as it made its way through half a metre of freshly fallen snow. When I saw the untouched snowy white trees contrast with the sky in a colour I had never seen before – an intense green-blue – I became breathless with fascination. I immediately felt the urge to savour the moment and share it with others. At the time my family didn’t even own a camera, so I had to wait until my next birthday to take my first landscape photograph.

Ever since that early morning in 1998, photography as a form of art has fascinated me. As a student, I was actively devoted to taking pictures. From 2000 to 2002 I took – while studying Economics – a photography course at an academy of arts in Moscow. At the same time, I worked for several newspapers and magazines. I entered the job market in 2003, but my passion for photography never abated. Just like almost every photographer, I built up an extensive collection of photos, first in analogue, then in digital. Only some motifs made their way onto paper – my busy schedule meant that most of them stayed on memory sticks. Was I really too busy? Maybe it was just that the classic method of photo presentation lacked the necessary inspiration: Traditional paper prints presented in an ordinary frame appeared too dark; colours and contrasts lost their effect.

To my great pleasure, I keep discovering that the photography market is gaining fresh momentum over the past few years.  Thanks to the growing number of printing techniques, it has become possible to achieve incomparably better printing results. In particular, modern photo prints behind (acrylic) glass capture my interest through their impressive depth and radiant expression. The development of digital cameras has picked up speed as well: thanks to their high resolution, photographs can be printed in sizes over two meters long. For me, these technological developments hold great potential as they allow the transformation of digital photographs into awe-inspiring physical art objects. Bokeh Art was formed based on this inspiration, and was jointly founded in 2014 together with my husband and a team of designers, developers and business partners.

Discover Bokeh Art yourself: A portfolio of carefully selected art photographs by internationally recognised photographers is waiting for you. Since Bokeh Art places great value on the presentation of printed photo art, we offer our photographs as the highest quality prints, framed in modern, extra deep floater frames.

Our selection of art photographs in limited and exclusive editions might interest you as an art collector. However, our offerings are just as attractive for people with a passion for home decoration and interior design – our photo art creates a special ambiance in exclusive living areas, as well as in prestigious offices. In cooperation with architects and interior designers, we create individual concepts for residential and business objects.


We work with talented photographers who are just as passionate about photography as we are. Our mission is to connect artists with the people who share the photographers’ fascination for their subjects and topics. We carefully pick highlights from the artists’ portfolios in order to present you with an extraordinary selection of photo art. We select unique, emotional motifs and apply the strictest technical criteria. This is how our impressive photo prints, brilliant even in oversized formats, are born.


Common poster shops boldly advertise gallery quality – but we really offer it, because we set the bar particularly high when it comes to quality. We present our photo art with impressive depth and radiant expression: as original photographs mounted between a stable layer of aluminium Dibond and a protective finish or highest quality acrylic glass. With these unique options we offer you fine and exclusive products that are also protected against UV radiation, weathering, air pollution, and dust. For art collectors and customers who wish to frame photographs on their own, we offer a third option: premium fine art prints on professional Hahnemühle paper.


We believe that a suitable frame is an essential part of the presentation of a printed art photograph. That is why we offer a large selection of shadow gap frames that are the best fit for modern printing techniques. Our 100% sustainable wood frames come from a premium European picture frame manufacturer with one hundred years of experience in the business. Top-quality processing and premium materials make these frames long-lasting companions for your art photography.


Most of our art photographs are offered as limited editions. For larger printing sizes we offer smaller editions, highlighting the exclusivity of the artwork and its physical expression. All limited edition prints are accompanied by signed and numbered certificates from the artist. Along with limited editions, we offer an attractive selection of open edition high quality photo art.


Trio is a unique Bokeh Art product. You can choose three framed photographs from 30 x 30 cm to 30 x 45 cm and order the entire set for just € 599. Simply add the photographs of your choice individually to the shopping cart and the special price will be applied in the cart directly. Please note that the special price is valid for the Luna frame with glossy acrylic glass, other options are available at a surcharge.

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