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Black Ice on Lake Silvaplana, Grisons, Switzerland

Bernhard Edmaier

Art photography by Bernhard Edmaier, Landscape. Picture size: 100 x 100 cm, framed in modern shadow gap frame Luna, White.

During very cold periods in wintertime when there is no wind and no snowfall, a thick, crystal-clear ice sheet can form on mountain lakes. The ice seems to be black due to the dark colour of the deep waters of the lake, which one can observe looking at the see-through layer of ice. Cracks and fields of air bubbles trapped in the ice appear as the white structures.

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OTHER WORKS by Bernhard Edmaier

The series „Glacier and Ice“ by photo artist Berhard Edmaier introduces the viewer to a cold world that is bizarre and fascinating at the same time. Grey, white and blue are the dominant shades in which the photographer catches clear and unique shapes and patterns. They symbolise the slow but steady movement of the ice masses and simultaneously unfold their amazing and powerful aesthetics.