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Carrizo Plain, California, USA

Bernhard Edmaier

Art photography by Bernhard Edmaier, Landscape. Picture size: 100 x 100 cm, framed in modern shadow gap frame Luna, White.

The green, yellow and brown colours of the salt lakes derive from salt-loving algae and bacteria. When the water in the lakes has completely evaporated, the bacteria nest in the salt crust and often wait for years for the next rainfall, which in turn fills the lake basins with water.

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OTHER WORKS by Bernhard Edmaier

Art photographer and former geologist Bernhard Edmaier loves the creative forces of Earth. That is why he produced a whole series of impressive and moving pictures centered around the element water. Showing this source of live from afar he shows the big picture. The photographer introduces the element as the endless sea, as a mighty river and as a massive glacier and doing so he unveils the whole force of the element as well as its calming character. Catching the pure force and beauty of water, Edmaier‘s art photos make the viewer feel humble.